Tutuapp is an app created for devices, be it Android or iOS. It allows the installation of paid apps from Google play store and App store on iOS devices, voiding the need to pay before downloading the App. Properly broken down, it allows you to download paid Apps for free.

Isn’t it an amazing App right?

To me it is.

Now let’s take a look at its characteristics, the things that make it a must use app.

1) This first one was addressed earlier when I was defining what Tutuapp is. The App allows the installation of paid apps for free.
2) Tutuapp has a clearing feature, something like the wipe master app or clean master app, which expands a smartphone so it can run smoothly, by freeing up the ram on your phone.
3) With Tutuapp, you will no longer have the need for a file manager and this is simply because the app grants access to manage your files and send data to any flash storage from your device or the other way round.
4) Finally, you get a toolkit to manage your connections. I mean the Bluetooth or WiFi.

How to install Tutuapp Android

1) Here I am going to give a step by step guide on how to install Tutuapp and we’ll start with installation on Android devices.
2) Download Tutuapp Apk file with a provided link on your Android device.
3) After this is done, locate the downloaded file and install it on your device.
4) If during the installation, you encounter problems just go to settings on your device and make sure to check mark the option “install apps from unknown sources” option is turned on. After a successful installation, you are good to go.

How to install Tutuapp iOS

1) For your iOS devices, open safari browser and type in Tutuapp.vip
2) After the loads, you will see 3 download icons coloured green. For iOS, download click on the one in the middle.
3) Afterwards, you will be asked if you’d like to download Tutuapp or not. When you see this, click on save.
4) After installing the app on your device, go to the profile section under general settings in your phone’s settings, you will see a profile created on Tutuapp, tap on it and then trust the app.

Most of the times I make sure there’s more to learn from my article than what the introductory line projects and that’s the reason I didn’t include earlier, that we have Tutuapp for PC. Oh yes! There’s Tutuapp for PC and I’ll talk about it.


Truthfully, Tutuapp is an app made for Android and iOS devices exclusively but after noticing how popular the app is, its PC version was released by its developer.

Say no to paid apps, simply download Tutuapp on your PC and enjoy unlimited game access for nothing.

Let’s get to how we can actually have this amazing app on our system. Installing the app on PC is same with the way you install other apps.

Just download the EXE file from download link and install same way you install other software and you’re good to go.

To make certain you have downloaded the right file, here’s some essential information.

The file size of the software is 48.5MB and the latest version is version

The best thing about this app is that it allows you install the modified version of the original app to satisfy your demands at a free cost. Apps are downloaded from Tutuapp at a very great speed and there’s no bound to the number of apps you can download with it.


iPhone jailbreaks seemed to be fast becoming thing of the past.  In recent times, several app installers have been released, each providing a limited amount of access to a few of the top Cydia tweaks, apps and games without having to jailbreak first but some of these require you to use your Apple ID. Today, a new one is available fully loaded and it’s called TutuApp VIP Installer.

This App installer is the best and the latest which provides you with free and easy access to the truly best Apps and games, which comprises of the paid and premium content. It is advantageous because there is no need to provide an Apple ID which helps to keep your details safe when you download the apps and games and the fact that you don’t need to jailbreak.


• Free to download
• Updation of Apps daily to provide best and all latest apps for iOS users
• High-speed downloads
• This App can be installed on your iOS device whether it is jailbreak or not.
• Free and full access
• Full optimization for the iPhone, iPad and desktop use
• A Built-in memory optimizer and a cache cleaner
• Easy to install

The Tutu App installer is important and welcome innovation due to the lack of jailbreaks. The App provides full access to any type of content you could ever want. In addition, anyone can download and install the App, making it perfect for all those who are waiting for a jailbreak, those who already have one and those who don’t want a jailbreak.

The only downside of Tutu App is that it can only be downloaded in Chinese but a full guide on how to download it will be provided by us. Also known as the Tutu helper, there are 2 methods to download and install it.

TutuApp Regular Vs Tutuapp VIP


  • The regular version may be revoked or inactive by Apple any time.
  • The VIP version stays active forever even your iOS updates.


  • Less Games
  • More games to download with vip version


  • Less apps
  • More Apps to download with hacked version

New App request

  • Regular users can’t submit New app to add in TutuApp
  • VIP users can submit a request for New app after approval other users can download and install it.


  • Free
  • $9.99 one time payment


  • Previous all Downloaded Apps and Games may not work if Tutuapp regular deactivated
  • All downloaded and Installed apps and games will stay active and work with saved data

Although $9.99 is not a large amount and people prefer to download regular free version tutu app. The free version consists of almost all paid apps, games and hacked applications. Apple ID or jailbreak is not needed to run this app so it becomes popular among game lovers. Especially after “Pokemon go” game is released, it becomes one of the best ways to hack “Pokemon go” game and make a large score by reaching a high level. My suggestion is that you go for the free version first and if you like then you can buy VIP version to save your data, games, apps from any action taken by Apple INC.

Review About Tutuapp VIP and Rocket IPA

Which one is preferable?

I have had people ask me which one is better, and to save you the effort of having to ask. I will address it now.

Tutu App is a famous 3rd party app store for paid apps, tweaked app/ Cydia apps & hacked games. There are two versions, free & paid version. The paid version of TutuApp/TutuApp VIP is $9.99 for a year subscription, I think it’s cheap.

Payment entitles you to install paid apps, tweaked apps/Cydia apps & hacked games for one year without revocation and it’s worth it! However, the Tutu App has less of paid apps, unlike share, Tongbu, APPDB etc. but this is not a problem for me because I don’t really need paid apps, I just need Cydia apps/ tweaked apps from TutuApp. Besides the price which is relatively cheap, and pretty fast.

Regarding Rocket IPA, it is not an app store, it only provides certification. Rocket IPA is integrated with the famous IPA provider web “APPDB”, so when we purchase a certificate from Rocket IPA, we will get APPDB Installer. It is known that APPDB has tons of cracked IPA on their cracked IPA on their web, tweaked apps/ Cydia apps & some of the hacked games as well as Rocket IPA certificate will ensure we get all with $9 only. But it is very slow in some cases. It’s not a Rocket IPA failure, but they have to collaborate with APPDB team to fix it.

Finally, In my opinion, I prefer TutuApp VIP to Rocket IPA for this time until they fix this problem with APPDB team. I guess that’s that reason why TutuApp VIP costs 99cent more.


Change is extremely constant in life. This is probably the exact reason why the world is changing so fast rather than progressing. Various changes in technology are quite constant and more than they are progressive.

The development of technology and various apps that are available to people has led to most people that they can do and achieve everything and anything from the operation of there mobile phones. The applications installed on the phone would enable the user to accomplish most things. The apps similar to the TutuApp can be downloaded from the app stores and one app store that has popular patronage is play store.

People often dislike the Google Play store .for the few paid applications that they come across. Nobody wants to pay for the purchase of the applications. This is one thing is the reason which often makes them look for an alternative, and yes they do have an alternative without any further stress of course.

Other alternatives are The Amazon App Store, GetJar, The Opera Mobile Store, APK Mirror, SlideMe, F-droid, Aptoide, Mobile9, APK4Fun Mobango and much more but we are still waiting for the one that will knock Tutuapp off. Until then, let’s enjoy it.


This particular app store is, of course, free and people can have all the advantages of the same. This particular app is well available for the Android users and also this app is available for the iOS users.

One of the unique qualities about this app store is that it has a version of Pokemon Go that doesn’t need any movement to any other place other than the couch. People can catch a lot of Pokemon from wherever they are.

Also, people do not have to shed a bit of money for the purchase of these gaming apps.

People can also use the apps like tutu app for Pokemon go, but these are very rare to find.

As already mentioned that there are few other app stores as well, exploring them and gaining knowledge about them will be helpful when it comes to finding an alternative to the TutuApp.

For further information and App download, you can visit our other important pages.