How to manage status bar icons on the OnePlus 5

It’s usually satisfactory for you to glance at your reputation bar and spot what offerings are currently livelyhowever at some point the top of your device can get notably cluttered with icons. personally, I’ll often have a whole lot ofnotifications in my device tray that create a massive number of icons that lavatory me down, and sooner or later it’d befirst-rate to rid of a lot of these machine icons altogether. thankfully, OnePlus has listened to my pleas, and has injected a way to dispose of the icons that you don’t want to look.

the way to manipulate icons on the OnePlus 5 fame bar

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To toggle those icons on and stale, first visit the settings menu, and find “status Bar” beneath the “Customization” section. In here, you’ll have access to some of one of a kind fame bar settings. within this, you’ll be capable of get right of entry tothe “Icon supervisor”. after you tap in this, you’ll have access to a ton of various device icon toggles. you could use theseto show the icons on and offso that you can determine precisely what you need to see at any individual time.

whilst those icons don’t offer any extra feature past letting you already know the setting is on, it’s beneficial so that it willturn them on and off whilst you do or don’t want them.

What icons are you going to turn off? I’m in my view eliminating Bluetooth due to the fact I always keep that putting on.


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