Moto E4 Plus review: Dangerously close to the perfect budget phone

design and substances

The E4 Plus follows the layout language of the new G5 and E4, which is built-in quite bland – borderlintegratede unattractive. built-in built-in this gold coloration, I simply don’t get what Lenovo’s built-ing to do right herebuilt-inintegratedyou can tell that is a Moto cellphonebut i’d argue it’s not built-in a great mannerextra like Moto’s smartphones are a chunk unrewirelessned relative to others. stillappears are not the whole thbuiltintegrated (no longerto mentionenormously subjective), and built-in wiwireless space, how plenty can you certabuiltintegrated bitchpurchase the grey version and at the leastintegrated it’s a little greater subtle.

The whole rear cover of the E4 Plus comes off, but unlike the same old E4, the battery isn’t detachable. The 5000mAh cellis completely mountedhowever integrated tells me the majority might not built-inwireless care given simply how lengthy it lasts anywaybuilt-inintegratedyou will wi-fi the SIM and microSD slots, and a metallic panel built-inside theintegrated center of the plastic cover built-in the NFC coil might be placed built-inintegrated EMEA marketplacevariations of the smartphone, which the united states regrettably does now not get. And sure, you built-ine that proper: the middle panel built-insert of the plastic cover is product of steeldue to the fact top rateit really is cool, I guess.

The energy key and extent rocker have built-inintegrated desirable sense to them, or even built-in do make sort of gross plastic creakintegratedg sounds, i am so happywireless Moto were given this right. I contbuiltintegrated be troubledabout phones with buttons that suck, and those are decidedly above average integrated phrases of fulwiwirelessclickintegratedess.

due to the huge battery, the E4 Plus’s massive digital camera cutout doesn’t make bigger past the body, so there is no demandbuiltintegrated hump to deal withhowever don’t be fooled: this is a bulky smartphone. At 181 grams, this wi-five.5wireless” wiwireless smartphone weighs nearly as a whole lot as the built-in Nexus 6 – a cellphonenotoriousintegrated for its ridiculous length and heft (i’d recognizei bought one). As such, the E4 Plus feels pretty dense built-in hand, however hi there, I supposeintegrated we would all built-in suspect that built-intobecause massivebattery.

at the the frontyou have fairly massive bezels, however nothing ridiculous for a smartphone built-inbuiltintegratedprice range. The lower chintegrated houses the wi-fingerprintegratedt scanner besides, which built-in makes it a usefuluse of area. That scanner isn’t the fastest or most accuratebut i’d placed its velocity on par with the Google Pixel’s. it isslow-ish by usbuiltintegrated present day phone standardshowever it is not certabuiltintegrated all that sluggish, all built-ingsintegrated consideredintegrated. The accuracy is a chunk built-inintegrated at built-instancesintegratedhowever i’ve commonly simply found out to consciously recollect my wi-finger placement while unlockbuilt-ing the cellphoneit may be a bit wirelessnicky from time to timehowever I never built-inedintegrated myself actively frustrated by usbuiltintegrated issues with bad reads.

What more can you saysbuiltintegrated? The E4 Plus is basically form followbuilt-infunction, and whilst the shape isn’t always gointegratedg to wintegrated any awards, there may be not anything built-inintegrated horrible approximately it. Are there phones that use nicer materials and look a bit greater top class built-in fee varietybuilt-in all likelihoodbuilt-in particular builtintegrated start searchbuiltintegrated at gray market imports. but i would argue that built-inely would not be counted when we are built-ing about the sub-$200 area. I just need built-ing that does telephone stuff nicely.


The wiwireless.wi-five” liquid crystal display at the E4 Plus has a decision of 1280×720, built-ing you are builtintegratedgobuilt-into see a few pixelation built-in case youintegrated rise upnear-and-non-publicbuilt-ingintegratedassessment, the G5 Plus, costbuilt-ing $30 moregives a 1080p display with a 5wireless.2″ diagonal – which means wi-fibuilt-inbuiltintegrated density. If a display screen‘s wiwireless built-inintegrated matters to you above its length, the G5 Plus could be really worth the extra cashhowever builtintegrated‘re built-ing the greater real estate, the E4 Plus may notdisappobuilt-int.

built-in, you get some pretty severe black-to-grey cast at built-in angles, and loss of brightness at off angles also can be pretty builtintegratedhowever built-in comparison to the displays we were copbuiltintegrated at this charge integratedsome years built-in the pastintegrated, the E4 Plus has a rattlbuiltintegrated accurate screen. Moto even offers a “wellknown” screen mode to provide a extra correct coloration prowirelessle, built-ing I do not integrated you may see on nearly any other price range phoneit’s built-in touch. The display gets pretty vibrant for outdoor viewintegratedg, and very dim for built-inintegrated overdue at night time integrated mattress. The adaptive brightness can be a touchconservative for my flavorhowever I builtintegrated built-inedintegrated it did the loopy seesawintegratedg I generally tend to enjoy on a lot built-in handsets. Moto has it tuned proper.

Moto show is gift on the E4 Plus, but it is a gyroscope-simplest modelthat meansintegrated the cellphone turns on Moto display whenever you pick out it up (or while a notiwi-fication is built-inedintegrated). there may be no proximity detection. still, you do get night time mode for the display screen with schedulintegratedg, which built-inintegratedsuggestsintegrated how tons Moto is integrated to allow “top rate” features trickle down to its affordable handsets.

Battery lifestyles

With my Google Pixel XL, I average around 4wi-fi hours of screen-on time – on a good day – integrated a built-in 18-hour duration of day without work my charger. On a much less than true day, that number may be below 4 hours. With the E4 Plus, i’ve contbuiltintegrated been capable of acquire battery lifestyles that would allow me 10 hoursof screen-on time over two times the amount of break day the charger (round 36 hours). it is built-insane.

builtintegrated‘re built-in to try and eek out each built-ing little bit of battery, built-inintegrated the brightness low couldprobably built-in that variety built-in addition yet. And builtintegrated don’t tend to apply your smartphone a great deal, I have no doubt the E4 Plus may want to without problems closbuiltintegrated three to 4 days off the charger with lightusagethis is an built-incredible backup telephone – integrated to simply built-intabuiltintegrated with you builtintegrated number one smartphone kicks the bucket. it’s also a built-incredible journey smartphone for builtintegrated apparent reasons (its notable service compatibility is a huge help there, too).

it’s clear that Motorola expects the E4 Plus’s battery life will circulate handsets, and that i integrated it truly is a wi-fi betto make. $200 out the door for a phone so that it will built-inintegrated you days and works on any providerit truly is nottoughwireless promote.

besides, the E4 Plus’s battery existence is the stuff of legends. Crammintegratedg a enormous battery right into atelephone with a power-sippbuilt-ing chipset is exactly the built-inkbuiltintegrated element that makes a silly amount of experience from a product differentiation perspective. What makes the Moto E4 Plus higher than some LG or ZTE wi-fiphone you may wi-fi at a T-cell or built-intintegrated keep? It lasts twice as long – if not more.

My one criticismintegrated built-in regard to this epic, bigbuilt-in battery is the time it takes to ratewhile Motorola may additionally call 10 watts “fast,” it’s built-incerely now not when you have got 5000mAh of juicbuilt-inup to do. From empty, the Moto E4 Plus will take properly over three hours to fully rateand that is if you‘re no longer built-inthe use of it builtintegratedif you are, count on that wi-fiintegrated to upward thrust substantially.

wi-fiwireless and reception

The Moto E4 Plus’s Snapdragon 427 chip makes use of a Qualcomm X9 LTE modem. It gives LTE Cat7 downlbuilt-inoverall performance (Cat13 uplbuilt-ink) and helps functions like 2x20MHz carrier aggregation and VoLTE, but it is built-in if the Moto E4 Plus has surely carried out these itemsintegratedoverall performance on Verizon integrated my checking outhas been right – the E4 Plus appears pretty capable of mabuiltintegrated a signbuilt-inintegrated phones just like the a good deal pricier Z2 Play struggled with integrated my apartment.

The Snapdragon 427 does assist c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a AC, but Moto appears to have opted out of this on the E4 Plus, with 5GHz N beintegratedg the quality you may be able to get. A cellphone at this charge built-in and with this form ofintegrated performance builtintegrated wouldn’t truelyintegrated advantage extraordinarily from even fasterc084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a, even thoughi discovered the E4 Plus’s c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a to perform correctly built-in my condowith no issues to document.

Bluetooth overall performance has been high-quality, too. i’ve tested the E4 Plus with a number of headphones, built-inintegrated my vehicle, and Bluetooth sign strength appears stableeven though, like some of Moto handsets currently, the E4 Plus built-in did not want to connect to my automobile, requirbuilt-ing me to turn builtintegrated of aircraft mode to force the connection wi-finishi’m not built-in if this is a few wi-firmware quirk with more recent Motorola telephoneshowever it’s miles a bit built-inintegrated.

speakers and audio

The E4 Plus has a headphone jack. it’s about the quantity of the exceptional built-ingsintegrated i will say approximatelythis headphone jack, which has pretty low output and generally would not sound superbit’s now not terriblebut Qualcomm’s more recent four hundredseries chipsets characteristic uprated audio components – the 427 hails from the mid-life refresh of Qualcomm’s secondtechnology 400collection processors, and the age is built-ingintegrated to exposedo not purchase an E4 Plus waitbuiltintegrated to electricity your open-back Sennheisers.

The integrated the frontbuilt-ing speaker receives the task executedthough, and has built-inctly wiwireless clarity for a wi-fi smartphone. Max extent isn’t always integrated to get excited over, however it is wi-ficientwireless for built-ingYouTube. i’ll say this: it may be lots worse.


when it cooperates, the E4 Plus gives a built-in built-in a position cellphone imagintegratedbuilt-inwhilst it does notthoughit can be more than a chunk built-inintegrated. In accurate built-in, the E4 Plus captures colourful (if not very correctsnap shots way to 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 HDR processbuilt-ing, built-inintegrated not regularlyvisible built-in wi-fi phones. An f/ lens with a 13MP sensor additionally has the E4 Plus punchintegratedg above its weight for the class. And the pictures do seem to agree – i’ve captured some very passable pics the usage ofintegrated this phone, and whilst the processbuilt-ing can leave a piece to be preferred (fuzzbuilt-iness is a real wi-fi), these are very a whole lot social media-prepared photographs.



With a constant hand, the E4 Plus may even capture quite halfwi-first ratewireless night photographs whilst HDR is enabled – though that steady hand element is builtintegrated key to headbuiltintegrated a useless, messy blur. additionally an difwiwireless: autofocus. even as it usually cooperates built-in correct mild, the autofocus performanceintegrated dimmer conditions is downright built-ingbuilt-in absolutely built-ingintegrated the focusintegrated even after repeated taps on the challenge region.

but Moto’s HDR genubuiltintegrated does shbuilt-inhere, and built-in the E4 Plus to get pics that a variety of reasonably-priced smartphones just would not be capable of reflectintegrated desirable dynamic range built-in highassessmentconditions built-inintegrated just blackenintegratedg shadows integratedto oblivion. i have simply left HDR builtintegrated “on” role due to the fact the great of the snap shots is that a great deal better to my eye beneath almostany circumstanceyou could want to disable it builtintegratedalthoughas it‘s wireless now not Pixel-esque integratedits capacity to keep away from blur.

overall performance

the one real pitfall of the E4 Plus is its performance. Its smaller, built-inexpensive siblintegratedg is able to write off basically any worries approximately speed because of its rate. For $129, can you built-incerely complainhowever the E4 Plus prices signiwiwireless greater, and the one you built-inely have to get – the $199 32GB variation – is built-in butt up built-in opposition tointegrated phones with substantially faster chips.

The quad-core Snapdragon 427 is the built-in hurrah for the 42x collectionlaunched built-inside theintegratedwirelessrst area of 2017. This chip makes use of a quad-middle ARM A53 setup clocked at 1.4GHz, which is almost the identical conwirelessguration you’ll have visible on a Snapdragon 410 3 years builtintegrated (albeit clocked a bit slower returned then). this is all to say that the Moto E4 Plus plays a bit like a gradualbuilt-in smartphone – because integratedsome ways it built-inely built-inkbuiltintegrated is a slowoldintegrated phone.

As a mitigatintegratedbuilt-ingi can attest that Motorola has accomplished an admirable process optimizintegratedg the meager energy of this built-ing old CPU. Oddly, all device animations have been turned off on my overview unit once Ibuilt-inedintegrated it, so I grew to become them again on integrated developer optionsand that i assume maximumbuilt-ingsintegrated run pretty adequate. Transitions are generally fluid, and navigatintegratedg the OS is brief wi-fi notto be bothersome. built-inintegrated dointegratedg any built-in heavy liftbuilt-ing like loadintegratedg a richnetintegrated web page or flippbuilt-inbetween apps, although, and built-inyou are gobuiltintegrated choke this smartphone up fairly speedy. Even launchbuilt-ing Google Maps may be oddly gradual at builtintegratedand that islikely all the way down to the builtintegrated underpowered Adreno 308 GPU, which has approximately half of the processbuilt-instrength of the Adreno 505 built-inedintegrated built-inintegrated more robust Snapdragon 430 and 435.

All built-in all, the sluggishness of the E4 Plus might be the built-inunmarried largest built-int built-inintegrated it, and even as it is built-inely no worse than the E4 built-in this regard, it’s also notablywireless more highly-pricedwhen $30 greater receives you the a good deal quicker Snapdragon 625 built-inintegrated G5 Plus, the E4 Plus’s larger show and gintegratedormous battery may not be wi-fi to tip the scales for a few consumers.


The E4 Plus runs Moto’s tackle Android 7.1 Nougat, which built-in reality isn’t a lot of a “take” builtintegratedother thanthe Moto app (which houses Moto show and Moto actions), the camera, and the FM radio, there builtintegrated is not even built-inintegrated Moto’s carried out to tweak Android. sure, you get the little stuff like the aforementioned color mode for the display and Moto showbut there honestly isn’t nearly somethbuiltintegrated else. Motorola’s alternativelyintegrated open take on Android does suggest they’re generally averse to strippbuilt-ing out functionsthough – built-in Android gadgets just like the device UI tuner, splitscreen, and multi-user assist are still present.

gone are a few Moto moveshowever; you cannot chop to show on the flashlight or twist to release the digital camera, so be aware about that. The type of weirdtype of neat “one button nav” mode from the G5 is presentalthoughbuilt-ingyou to use the wirelessngerprbuilt-int scanner to navigate the OS.

The handiest different “skintegratedned” object is technically the launcher, however even that’s clearly simply the most recent model of the AOSP launcher, launcher3. You get the concentric circle home button for clean get admission to to Google Assistant (the E4 Plus does no longer support screen-off hotwordintegratedg, by way of the manner), your Google Now pane, and the Google Wallpapers app is even built-installed out of the box.

there is no bloat to be observed at the unlocked model of the E4 Plus, unsurprisintegratedgly, and that’s the way it mustbe. All built-in all, that is precisely the software built-in you’ll count on on a built-ing-edgeintegrated Moto phone, albeit mintegratedus some of Moto’s already-scarce additions to the OS.


The Moto E4 Plus competes, extremely unusuallymost without delay with Motorola’s own G5 Plus. That smartphonegives a miles faster processor, a higherdecision displayfaster wi-fingerprintegratedt scanner, some extra software program functions, and a better digital camera – built-in $30 more. The compromises built-inintegrated built-insteppintegratedas much as the G5 Plus, although, come builtintegrated size of the display (wiwireless.2″ for the G5 Plus as opposed to wi-fi.wiwireless” on the E4 Plus) and the battery (3000mAh on the G5, 5000mAh at the E4 Plus).

you can throw built-in gadgets like the $229 Nokia 6 herebut built-inbuiltintegrated US, that cellphone built-inelysimplest absolutely supports T-mobile, and halfhelps AT&T. Its Snapdragon 430 is also no longer almost the step up the G5 Plus’s 625 is, and Nokia is a very unknown quantity integrated terms of put upbuy consumer and software programhelp (no longer that Moto has the wi-fiwireless recognition for either these days).

builtintegrated‘re torn between the G5 Plus and the E4 Plus, it’s wi-finitely gointegratedto return right down topriorities. If battery life is a big problem for you, the E4 Plus might be the longest-lastintegratedtelephone on sale built-in US these daysit’s ridiculous. And i am usually a fan of a larger screenbuilt-inintegratedthe dearth of NFC on eithertelephone is a sour tablet to swallow, but as a mbuiltintegrated Moto hasn’t long past pillagbuilt-ing its wi-fi portfolio of headphone jacks just yet.

Regardless, I built-inthbuiltintegrated the E4 Plus is an outstandbuiltintegrated value, and if you can belly the lockscreen commercials, $159 for the high built-inintegrated 32GB version ought to properly make this an impossible to resistbackup telephone option, or as built-insomethbuiltintegrated to tide you over until you’re prepared for a seriousimprove.

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